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What’s What in SEO - The Basics

The HIFIVE Team is diving into a new series to help you better understand the value and DNA of SEO.

Mitch Earll

Account Analyst


It seems like every few weeks there is a new acronym for something that somehow pertains to our daily lives. Unlike WAP, SEO has been around for a while (Circa 1997). SEO or Search Engine Optimization may sound like a generic blanket statement that could mean a whole mess of different things in the digital world. However, SEO is actually a simple concept to grasp and once you understand it, you can make connections to other areas of business and leverage this knowledge to increase your probability of search results in any industry.


To put it simply, Search Engine Optimization is the practice or discipline of increasing both the quality and quantity of consumer traffic to your website through organic search engines like Google. Essentially, SEO is a two-sided coin of understanding - one side is understanding your target audience, the second side is understanding how these search engines crawl and index the content you are posting.


In 2020, brand awareness through SEO is more important than ever. According to a Nielsen 2020 case study, 93% of all online experiences begin with an interaction with a search engine. That is why SEO is important, you need to outrank your competition organically to ensure no one else is eating your piece of the pie. That means you’re fighting head to head with your competitors.

With the right strategy and implementation, you might even see that piece of pie grow substantially larger over time. At the end of the day, where you rank really does matter.


The HIFIVE general strategy behind SEO is to optimize your online content so that when a keyword is inputted into the search bar that is relevant to your published content, the search engine shows your content at the top of the list. You need to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes -- what vernacular would you search to find your product or service?

Whether you're just providing information on a specific niche topic or selling a product or service, the main goal is similar.


However, the most important thing to do before you get started in your specific SEO endeavor is to set a goal with a clear end target. Make sure that your goal is aimed at what you need to accomplish based on the current position in your business journey. Without a clear target, you could completely miss the mark and waste your time and resources.

Your end goal may differ quite dramatically from others based on the business plan you implement, so don't get caught peeking at your deskmates paper. Remember, there is value differentiation - it is what sets you and your competitors apart.

HIFIVE is here to provide you with real digital solutions to your business’s online problems. If your company is stuck in the past and needs a facelift, or is just looking for extended reach to help promote your product or service - please do not hesitate to reach out. Get in touch with us by clicking here and filling out a short form.


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