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Why High-Level Authentic Blogging is Important For Business

Mitch Earll, HIFIVE Advertising, Orlando Marketing

Mitch Earll

Account Analyst


When was the last time that you went searching for an answer to something on the internet, be it technical or mundane, and all you found was a slew of garbage that didn't get you any closer to the answer you were looking for? Unless it was before the year 2000, the answer is probably never.

That's because, in today’s world, we have powerful and predictive search engines that show us everything we could ever want to know at the click of a few buttons. The main way that people find information on the internet for specific questions is through blogs that are populated as results through search engines. You might be thinking to yourself as you read this, “Yes Mitch, I know this - last time I checked it’s 2023 and I don’t live in a bubble”. But the point that I'm trying to make is that, more often than not, those websites you’re finding your answers on are business websites.

Despite social media platforms and video content being the clear front-runner in the content consumption race, blogging remains a fundamental component of any thorough marketing strategy in 2023. At this point, we all know that blogging is important for improving your website ranking, repurposing social media content, and even lead generation - but how do you take it to the next level?

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Human Connection Cultivates Growth

In business, authentic human connection is the missing piece of the puzzle that is the difference between landing the big fish contract or being a bottom feeder just barely scraping by. Nowadays, most businesses do quality work, otherwise, they wouldn't be in business. The market is just too competitive.

Being authentic about who you are and how you operate/conduct your business is how you truly differentiate these days. So yes, high-quantity blogging for website traffic is what you are aiming for (shouts out ChatGPT), but you should be doing it in a way that showcases YOUR voice, identity, and personal industry experience.

Some people would shy away from this because they don’t want to give away the “tricks of the trade,” but I promise you that there aren't as many DIYers out there as you think. This type of info is more likely to make you look like the true expert in your area, which will make people more inclined to work with you.

The upside you will see from publishing next-level blog content in a way that is unique and true to what your business ethos/identity is will bring you ROI that is much larger than what you will lose out on due to a few jokers taking a swing at it themselves with what you have provided.

Why Blog Content Marketing Matters

The unfortunate truth is for many people (and businesses), being recognized for your expertise in a subject matter, especially on the internet, is only becoming more difficult. However, if you are consistent in your output of high-quality authentic content that rings true of you or personally, you might be surprised when all those other standard website KPI metrics fall into place.

High-Level Authentic Content is King

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