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How To Win At Lead Gen: Embrace Your Inner Mad Scientist

It’s easy to think that building a successful lead generation campaign is simply flipping a switch and then sitting back and watching the leads roll in. When in reality – if that’s what you’re doing you either:

  1. Need to go back to the drawing board and rethink your planning and strategy

  2. Need to thank whoever is running your account so you can sit back and watch

Chris Delahoz



The truth is that if you have a successful lead generation campaign – chances are that there’s a mad scientist behind the scenes who put in the late-night hours of researching the market or industry and found out what the competition was doing, planned the path to success by mapping the consumer journey, built the ad campaign(s) with a comfortable level of certainty in the probability of its success, and continuously optimized that campaign(s) based off of data-driven decisions. That’s what a proven and confident digital ads manager does. That’s why you pay the mad scientist the mad bucks, right?

Our digital team has achieved a few gold-standard ad campaigns that are worthy of sharing. We classify them as “gold standard” because they outrank industry-standard comps by 50% or more. Meaning our ad campaigns outperformed a given industry’s average performance by a sum of .5 times the average. Which – when you’re talking about thousands of dollars every month in ad spend and in revenue, is a pretty big feat.

The right to don the lab coat of a mad scientist requires a bit of comfortability with chaos and uncertainty. That means things could go horribly wrong once you launch a paid ad campaign. The key to correcting any unforeseen mishaps is that you have the confidence in your knowledge and skillset to overcome those obstacles. You really need to stick to your original plan and predetermined objectives and make measured changes based on data-driven results.

At HIFIVE our team does that with our PLOR strategy. Planning, Launching, Optimizing, and Reporting – this helps us optimize campaigns as needed without losing sight of our beginning objectives and goals.

Take for instance this ad campaign for one of our contractor clients. We have been optimizing this campaign over the past 12 months and are very pleased to see that our outlined objectives have been surpassed and our KPI’s are outperforming our predetermined goals by 3 fold. We stuck to our original plan and leveraged the data, month by month, to make calculated and educated adjustments. Needless to say – being the mad scientist is pretty rewarding when your client’s are beyond impressed with the results.

Check out our case study below to see results from this campaign:


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