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3 Rules to Help Close Google Leads

Your Users, Explained.

Mitch Earll

Account Analyst


Understanding how users find your business helps your sales team close leads at a higher clip. For instance, if a user is motivated enough to fill out an online form - they’re twice as likely to become a sale than someone who simply calls. Acquiring tons of leads through paid search is great, but your sales team’s ability to convert those leads can make or break your campaign ROI.

Paid Search is a great way to get high-intent, highly qualified leads in the door. But paid search leads are different from many other forms of leads. You might be wondering, “What makes paid search leads different?” – paid search leads start by searching for something specific online. As part of that online search, they find an ad and think, “This looks like what I want.” They click on the ad, check out the landing page and decide, “Yes I’m interested.” From there, they’ll fill out a form or call in for more information.

Simple Right?

As straightforward as this process is, it’s important to note that these leads are actively looking for solutions. They reached out because they have a problem they want to solve now. This means they’re most likely reaching out to your competitors in this time frame as well. So without further ado, let’s get into the 3 rules keep in mind that will help you close your Google Leads.

1. Response Time Matters

You’re not the only ones that are going after their business. If they have reached out to you inquiring about a product or service, chances are they’ve contacted your competitors too.

50% percent of leads end up choosing the company that responds first. That is why it is so important to treat each lead that comes in as a hot lead--hot meaning you need to get to it within 5 minutes to give yourself a fighting chance to close against your competitors.

2. Make Sure Your Sales & Marketing Are on the Same Page

To ensure that you’re sending a cohesive message across the board, it is important that your sales team and marketers are communicating & conveying the same message.

If these teams aren’t on the same page, miscommunication occurs and displays an image of disorganization to potential customers which hurts your chances of a sale. Online marketing leads convert because they believe that your company has the solutions to their problems. Your sales team’s job is to confirm that belief.

3. Build a Positive & Professional Online Reputation

It is extremely crucial to make sure that you have a prominent online presence. In today’s day and age, you need to have a well-functioning website, strong rankings on business listings platforms, and topical content aimed at your target audience published across your social media.

Doing this will reinforce your credibility as a company in any given industry, and present a positive image to your potential customers. A well-thought-out digital appearance is an easy win and is a positive impact on the perception of your company.


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